Tomodachi Fest 9


Recent Update!

Tomodachi Fest is back for its 9th year! There are some very important changes taking place at Tomodachi Fest.

First of all, Tomodachi Fest 9 will return to Thanksgiving Weekend, November 25-27, 2016. This is the time slot that Tomodachi Fest used from 2008-2012.

Secondly, Tomodachi Fest has a new mascot, Tomoko. With the significant changes taking place, it was determined that a new mascot was in order.

Finally, the leadership of Tomodachi Fest has changed and with it, the goals of the convention. Jeremy Lopett has returned to Tomodachi Fest as chairman.

An important message about Tomodachi Fest:

Heya. It's me, Jeremy Lopett, here to welcome you back to Tomodachi Fest. I, myself, am returning to Tomodachi Fest too. While I've always been involved in some way for the past 6 years; I am now in charge of this event once again. If you are unfamiliar with me; I run Anime Oasis and started Tomodachi Fest back in 2008, so I am by no means new to the scene.

So what does this mean for Tomodachi Fest? There are some changes that will be taking place now. Most importantly, Tomodachi Fest will be taking place on Thanksgiving weekend again. This was Tomodachi Fest's time slot when I started the convention until it moved to October in 2012. I believe that the Thanksgiving weekend is an important part of the convention for a few reasons. It gets us together at a special time of year; it decreased the competition from out of state events and it creates symmetry on the calender being exactly 6 months away from Anime Oasis

Tomodachi Fest is also part of Anime Oasis again. This means we'll be selling the ever-popular combo-tickets once again. There will also be the stability comes from being operated as part of a larger event. As an attendee, you can expect lower ticket prices and a generally more well tuned event. All of this will be developed as I work throughout the year on Tomodachi Fest.

With so many changes, I felt that a new mascot as also in order. Tomoko was created to meet this need. Tomoko is a simple 16 year old student who is always looking to have fun with her friends.

My goals for Tomodachi Fest are to create a simple convention experience that contains both fun events and social interaction. It really doesn't need any of the complexities of large events. It's just a really fun time.

Please feel free to expect great things. I hope to see you there.

Jeremy Lopett
Tomodachi Fest Chairman